Walking the Talk: Career and Professional Development


  • From the day we are born our parents hold up a candle of aspiration for us. But it is us who truly know how the story will end as we discover ourselves and turn our gifts into abilities – which then become our careers.
  • Today we are looking at two things the world talks about but cannot satisfy unless we individually rise to the challenge and make it satisfactory.
  • The careers are mastered further through experience and practice to become the professionals the world is looking for – the experts.

Career Development

  • Getting into a career starts with knowing who you are.
  • Knowing who you are, opens the door to knowing what you want and would like to achieve.
  • This is done by understanding your passion, that one thing you do effortlessly and it brings joy when accomplished . A lead towards your profession.
  • A President does not become a President by accident, nor does an actor become an actor by coincidence. It is innate.
  • People have called it a calling because it calls out to you to become it. For each time you do it you feel content. But that is not enough.
  • Like a plant, career needs watering; enriched with knowledge and experience from practitioners, diligently applying learnt lessons.
  • Francis of Assisi a Christian Saint said “start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible”.

Professional Development

  • Saying one wants to become a professional and even choosing a profession is easy. It is a word of mouth.
  • Importantly as one confesses a profession they need to do all it takes to get to their dream.
  • Remember gold does not become precious until it is refined.
  • To become a Director, Writer, Beautician, Counsellor, Designer, or a Business Mogul, be sure to refine yourself into gold with the necessary skills and virtues that profession requires.
  • Remember every profession is about serving others to increase the virtues and value you have to offer. Carry a torch of positivity it will light your pathway to success.
  • Do not forget to have a sense of humor that puts a smile to the final recipient of your services and crowns you with joy.

Never Give Up

  • Cheptegei Joshua dared to set foot on a track and ended up graduating from a runner to an athlete.
  • Breaking a 16-year record on the track and wining gold more than once, but no one remembers how Joshua lost a local race when a muscle pull sprung on him.
  • He did not loose hope when the nation saw him on an international track, everyone wondered why the incompetent athlete was in the field.
  • Only Joshua knew what it would take. Despite the failure, he had gone back to his practice and chasing after his dream.
  • Now we call him not just a runner but a professional athlete and a world champion.
  • The first fails do not make us failures but learners.
  • So if what we are doing is our passion, we keep practicing till we become the best.
  • What people say does not count unless it is a word of encouragement.
  • Hellen Keller who managed to overcome the hurdle of being blind and deaf to becoming a recognized activist, writer and lecturer.
  • In her words of wisdom she said, “Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood.

Walk The Talk

  • As we think of a career, let us not waste our value on trying to compete with others but rather sharpen ourselves to become what others admire.
  • Do not just talk, act upon our abilities and plans with dignity.
  • Holistically boost the brain in knowing all that there is to know about our passion, channeling our emotions towards giving the best effort to our actions and work.
  • Dress to suit the action and acting the part of what you profess as your profession to perfection.
  • When you do all that has been said, you beginning to realize you are more than the person people know but a professional and expert in your field of calling.


  • Trust in the God of possibilities so that when you are about to give up you rely on his promises.
  • Set goals both short and long term goals and work towards achieving them.
  • Seek for relevant knowledge and literature to help you achieve your goal.
  • Get a role model in the field of your interest; farming choose the likes of Dr. Naluyima to understand the details of how she has climbed the ladders to where she is.
  • Start small and gain experience.
  • Keep proper records to track your finances.
  • Separate business from family affairs.
  • Collaboration.
  • Legacy

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