About Us

The South-Western Ugandan District of Kanungu is the cradle of Kanungu Galz Network (K16 Galz), a Women’s Non-Governmental Organization whose vision is “Transformed, Healthy and Productive Communities”.

Founded in 2016, Kanungu Galz Network (K16) brings together 50 women of diverse professional and social backgrounds who hail from or are married in Kanungu District and have coalesced around the objective of uplifting the social and economic wellbeing of vulnerable girls and women in Kanungu District. The focal areas of K16’s interventions are education of the Girl child, sustainable agriculture, health and skills capacity building.

K16 Galz’ Commitment

We are concerned about the wellbeing of girls and women in Kanungu, we want to challenge and mitigate causes of gender based inequalities and violation of rights. Together with well-wishers and partners, we will act in solidarity with the women in Kanungu to change their status, realise their rights and assert their dignity as full citizens.

Our vision

Transformed and healthy communities.

Our Mission

To enhance the quality of life of women and their families by offering opportunities for education, health promotion and self-sufficiency.

Core Values

Fear of God, Selflessness, Magnanimity and integrity

Strategic Objectives

  • Promote access to quality education, skills development and training for women and girls. 
  • Increase women and girls’ access to appropriate, affordable and quality health care, information and related services. 
  • Improve nutrition, food security and economic wellbeing of women and girls through sustainable agriculture initiatives. 
  • Support women, adolescent girls in particular, to develop viable knowledge and life-skills.