The ECD aims at building bridges through developing and empowering rural communities to create and sustain effective and accessible opportunities for optimal early childhood development.

In this regard Rotary Club of Kampala Day Break in conjunction with the K16Galz have formed a partnership to set up the first ECD facility in Kanungu District. The facility with a model of community ownership has been funded by Jaffer foundation in Canada .

About Early Childhood Development (ECD)

Early Childhood Development is the total care for well-being and development of the child emotionally, physically and intellectually from birth to eight years of age, a crucial period in a child’s life.

This comprises all the essential support a young child needs to survive and thrive in life, as well as the support family and community needed to promote children’s healthy development.

This includes integrating health, nutrition, and intellectual stimulation, providing the opportunities for exploration and active learning, as well as providing the social and emotional care and nurturing a child needs in order to realize her/his human potential and play an active role in the families and later in their communities.

The scope of ECD project also includes all support necessary for a child to realize his/her right to survival, to protection and to care that will ensure his optimal development from conception onwards. The holistic development of young children needs full support. The transition period from pre-primary to primary education is a critical stage in the whole process of developing quality human infrastructure.

To be a child is a once in a lifetime experience and nobody has been offered another childhood experience ever after. So it becomes very important to nurture this period carefully to help the child explore new dimensions of life and for this, the role of quality education becomes very significant.

Early childhood is a time of remarkable transformation and extreme vulnerability in a person’s life. A proper Early Childhood Care and Education programme provides strong foundations for subsequent learning and development of the child.

Who are the beneficiaries of ECD Activities?

  • Children
  • Parents
  • Local Community

Objectives of the Project

  • To promote access to education for children between 0-6 years of age
  • To improve the quality of education
  • To enhance community awareness on Early Childhood Care and Education through awareness generation programs
  • To strengthen capacity of women on nutrition and health education and promote exclusive breast feeding/colostrums promotion among the expectant mothers through capacity building of women and other care givers
  • To build community ownership and responsibilities towards making the education centre child friendly through community-based monitoring and liaising with health department, women & child development department
  • To encourage girl child education and ensure all eligible children avail scholarship & incentives through strengthening SPTA (Student Parent Teachers Association) and VEC (Village Education Committee) and establishing effective linkages with the Local Government).
  • To augment knowledge of primary school teachers on child rights & quality education especially in the un-served project areas and provide possible support to improve child learning environment in the school

Expected Outcome

Development of a facility that can accommodate over 200 children to enable them get access to quality early childhood care and improved education services within the community.

The project seeks achievements in its first year of implementation demonstrated in the following; several communities mobilized, pre-school committees formed and trained in Early Childhood Development (ECD); Pre-schools constructed and delivering early childhood development services to girls and boys in the target communities, provision of ECD services in several communities


On May 1,2019, in Kanyamisinga cell, Katete sub county, Kanungu District, K16 Galz conducted a ground breaking ceremony for the construction of an ECD . This project has been funded by the Jaffer Noor foundation in Canada thru Institute of Rural Education Development (IREAD) in partnership with Rotary club of Kampala Day break.

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