There is global evidence that many social benefits accrue to a nation that makes investments in health, education and well-being of women and especially the girl child, this is what Kanungu Galz network is seeking to achieve through the proposed Kanungu Skills Center.

The goal of the project is to improve “employability” of the young people in Kanungu district with particular focus on girls who never went to school and those with modest education (dropouts). The intention is to equip these girls with productive skills through vocational training in areas that have potential markets within Kanungu and its environs.

We will invest in developing skills that will enable girls to earn regular income, work from home and be relatively self –reliant. We will seek to tap into their creativity, and talents, and empower them to apply these to the contemporary job market.

In addition, the Center will hold periodic trainings for people who will be able to pay for their training. The skills center will also offer itself as a demonstration and learning center for groups in Kanungu and neighboring districts that may want to acquire knowledge in all vocational skill areas offered at the center.

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