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Kanungu Galz Network

We are a Community Based Organisation founded in 2016 and registered in Kanungu District. An all- comprising multidimensional organization whose membership stands at 52 members of ladies born or married in Kanungu District, with a representative in all the 17 sub counties inclusive town councils. The ultimate goal is to give back to our Community precisely supporting the vulnerable girls and women.


Transformed, Healthy and Productive communities


To enhance the quality of life of women and their families by offering opportunities for education, health promotion and self sufficiency

Core Values

Fear of God, Selflessness, Magnanimity and integrity

  • Empowerment of women through various skills developments
  • Promotion of sustainable modern agriculture
  • Promotion of Health at household level
  • Education of a girl child
  • Mentorship
  • Life skills development and entrepreneurship
  • Quality education
  • Quality health care
  • Economic and food security
Operational Structure
  • Board of trustees (profiles)
  • Executive
  • Committees
  • Beneficiaries

Making A Difference


There is global evidence that many social benefits accrue to a nation that makes investments in health, education and well-being of women and especially the girl child, this is what Kanungu Galz network is seeking to achieve through the proposed Kanungu Skills Center.

The goal of the project is to improve “employability” of the young people in Kanungu district with particular focus on girls who never went to school and those with modest education (dropouts). The intention is to equip these girls with productive skills through vocational training in areas that have potential markets within Kanungu and its environs.

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