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Kanungu Galz Anthem

1: We are the Kanungu galz Women of vision and determination Prompting community transformation Improving lives of women and their homes Taking Kanungu to greater heights

Chrs: Rise and shine United as one The daugters, the mothers and wives of Kanungu Friends forever Woking together K16 galz let's make a diffrence

2: All women young and old Deserve to have access to education Sustainable income through Agriculture Quality health care And productive life skills Posing the reason K16 is here


3: God our provider and guide We trust in your fatherly hand Take full control, your will be done And Kanungu district will be number one.



Transformed, Healthy and Productive communities


To enhance the quality of life of women and their families by offering opportunities for education, health promotion and self sufficiency

Core Values

Fear of God, Selflessness, Magnanimity and integrity

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